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The Big Talk Podcast

Directing, Performance

I view public speakers through the same lens I do an actor. You have something important to say and it’s my job to help you find the way to say it with truth, confidence, vulnerability, awe, compassion and courage. I’ll direct you. I’ll add a layer of theatricality that will make your talk unique and unforgettable. I’ll break down your script just like I do with a film or play. I’ll identify the arcs the beats, and if what you are saying is actually what you mean to say. Once I do that, we’ll work together on clarifying, specifying and delivering your Big Talk through blocking, repetition, and simple techniques I use with actors. My goal in the room, is to free you up so that when you are working on the material, we can find new and interesting ways to communicate your very important talk. Once we find those, together, I will help  you maintain the integrity and consistency of the performance so you can be free to have a conversation with your audience. I will help bring your life-changing speech into focus.

After working with Tricia on my TEDx talk, I am a new speaker… and a new person. She flipped the switch in my speaking gift from sympathy to impact. I have been speaking for a couple of years but I have been noticing a very uncomfortable feeling that people only thought I was “amazing” for raising two blind children and still smiling, not for impacting their lives through the lessons I have to teach. Tricia taught me how to write and perform my talks with incredible impact, which is now giving me the result I wanted: people are changing their thoughts and perspectives because of me, not just patting me on the back. I am so blessed to have connected with Tricia!

Kristin Smedley - Rare Eye Disease Advocate, Non For Profit Leader, Transforming Perspectives of Blindness