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Upcoming Events

Yo Yo Yo! Syd and Mike take a walk and run into Carl. Directed by Tricia,
Written by and starring Sydney Davis and Mike Holt.

The Big Talk - Podcast on iTunes
I talk about how I apply my experience as a director, choreographer and writer to the art of public speaking.  Subscribe here.
Get my free E-book on how to apply and GET CHOSEN for a speaking event at The Art of The Big Talk.
Inside TEDxLincolnSquare
A documentary by Hannah Beal featuring the speakers and organizers Tricia Brouk and Jamie Broderick

Syd and Mike micro-series coming soon!
The ten micro episodes of Syd and Mike that I directed are dropping
in August!

Sublets - Winner of Best Comedy at The Vancouver Web Fest  2017 and The I Love New York category 2016, Official Selection of the LA Webfest 2017 - Watch now!
Directed by Tricia Brouk with cinematography by Patrick Ginnetty, Sublets is a moving and funny look at being twenty-something in New York City. Written by Dolan Bloom, Caitlin Morris and Sean Murphy. Produced by Badmouth Films.

Tricia Brouk and Jamie Broderick are featured in Inc. Magazine written by Lolly Daskal President and CEO of Lead Within. They share their top strategies on collaboration.

Demo Reel